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We make awesome tools for developers.

We take pride in crafting revolutionary tools used by thousands of individuals and businesses.


RubyMotion is an application development environment that lets Ruby developers write full-fledged native apps for iOS, Android and OS X using the language they already know and love.

RubyMotion apps are fully native: they can access the entire set of platform APIs at no cost and are compiled into machine code. Apps written in RubyMotion have been downloaded millions of times.

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We provide top-notch software services.

Hire us and benefit from our deep and diversified expertise to develop your next app faster. We are comfortable with a vast array of languages and technologies. Your project will be in good hands.

Mobile development.

We can develop your next mobile app, from the very start to the finish line.

We write mobile apps in RubyMotion, a product that we personally develop. Our apps are cross-platform, they run on iOS and Android, and they also feature a fully native user experience on each platform.

We can also write components in C, C++, Objective-C, Swift and Java, should the need arise. We have excellent knowledge of the iOS and Android platforms internals, such as the Objective-C runtime and the Dalvik/ART Android runtimes with JNI/NDK.

Backend development.

We can take care of developing the server-side component, known as the backend, of your next app.

We write backends on top of Erlang, a distributed, fault-tolerant, highly-available virtual machine. Elixir, our backend language of choice, runs on Erlang and provides high-performance and reliability with an expressive syntax.

We also write backend components in C, C++, Rails (Ruby) and Go when it is necessary.

App design.

Need help designing your mobile app?

Our in-house designers can help.

We will design a gorgeous user interface for your next app that follows the latest trends and platform guidelines, based on your needs and specifications.

Code troubleshooting.

Running into issues in your existing project?

We can do a full audit of the code and get back to you with a list of recommendations.

We can also directly fix problems that might impact your app's success, such as security, memory and performance issues.

Technology stack

Some of the great work that we have done.

We are proud to work with awesome clients, from young startups to large corporations. Following is a selection of our latest work. Feel free to contact us to get our complete portfolio.

CargoSense is a company founded to create solutions that optimize logistics networks – in healthcare, food, medical devices and other industries with complex supply chains.

We developed a cross-platform mobile app for Logistics Beacons, CargoSense's solution to manage wireless tags for logistics assets. The app is written in RubyMotion in a single codebase, works on iOS and Android, can connect to iBeacon devices nearby and is also able to scan barcodes.

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We also developed system components for CargoSense's collaborative supply chain software product, which relies on dedicated USB devices and sensor technologies.

We wrote Linux, OS X and Windows drivers in C++ for a custom Toshiba USB sensor device as well as a native extension for an Electron-based desktop app, using the Node and V8 JavaScript engine system APIs.

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Finca Raíz is a real estate listing company in Colombia used by over two million people on a monthly basis.

We developed an iPhone application with RubyMotion that allows users to publish properties in one step, find properties available for sale and rent using filtering and current location, save favorite properties and contact directly the properties owners.

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RubyBiz Award.

We are deeply honored to have received a RubyBiz Special Prize Award from the Shimane Prefecture of Japan, which rewards companies utilizing the Ruby programming language to create new products and services and establish sustainable business developments.

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We are global.

We speak your language. Hablamos su idioma. Nous parlons votre langue. 我们说你的语言。 お客様の言語でサポートいたします.











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